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Travelling and writing is in our hearts, mind and soul. When I was a child, I travelled across Europe. I met all different types of cultured people and encountered a multitude of foreign places. This gave me a diverse awareness about some parts of the world. it allowed me to learn to listen and empathise, rather than impose my thoughts on how I expected life to be. I managed to acclimatise myself to almost any situation that I came across without a second thought.

My partner had travelled to India and experienced a wealth of health information that had taken me years to learn, and I only learned a fraction of it compared to how much my partner learned in the time he spent there. Being in a country and spending quality time does not compare to reading about it. Experiencing quality of life is to spend time and breath in what really is going off.

We then, travelled to Scotland, and back down to the South of England, then sailed to France and we went on to drive to the South of France and into Italy. From Italy we slowly travelled down to Sicily, where we spent most of our time working and socialising with the locals. Our return journey was more special than the one spent travelling down to Sicily.

This time, we took the scenic route rather than experiencing the harsh realities of poverty. Each journey was appreciated and as we reflected upon each of the journeys, we realised that depending on your goals for travelling,  each person will encounter different aspects of a certain country. we experienced a lot throughout all the journeys. We saw life for what really was and we are here to express this in full and to explain how fortunate we were to have experienced this journey.

After 28 years as a single mother, training and working in health care and holistic therapy, I was ready to travel and learn even more. Every day, I unfold another mystery to life and I gain new and interesting knowledge, gaining confidence and strength to continue on this path. My partner has become my tower of strength and spiritual guide and I have become his. We often describe each other as being two wild stallions who ride side by side giving one another unconditional love.

We are ready to start this blog to help all those who want our help in various holistic ways. we will write poems, write general topics that concern today’s humanitarian needs and or any general topics and what we have experienced and what we will encounter on our future travels.

Today my clients are corporate, employed/self employed and creative people — men and women who want serious input on changing their life styles. So, we endeavour to offer accredited Diplomas in ‘Anatomy’, Nutrition‘, different ways of ‘Keeping Fit‘ and so forth, how to put together and pack the most versatile travel wardrobe and most importantly ‘How to Work From Home‘ and ‘How To Set Up An Online Marketing Business’, which especially comes in handy when you travel and finally how to become a freelance writer.

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